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I had the wonderful opportunity of working with Dr. Carr for the past 3 months in preparation for the mental marathon that was my board exam. Although she had never previously worked with a physician in my field, she did extensive research to ensure that I was well prepared and more than ready to succeed on my board exam. Every detail of the test preparation was accounted for including but not limited to my daily/weekly schedules and summaries, test taking and time management strategies, relaxation methods, lifestyle tips (sleep/nutrition/exercise), and even the warm-up before each day of my exam.

And the results … I PASSED! But even to my surprise, I passed with very high scores in each category! In general, I’ve never been a good test taker. This is definitely the best I’ve ever done on a high stakes exam. Not only have I gained outstanding test taking skills, but I’ve also become a more well-rounded learner.

Dr. Carr is a kind, passionate, and inspirational coach and friend, and I am grateful to have learned a great deal from her. I will continue to use these newfound skills throughout the rest of my life.

Radiologist in Illinois


Hi Linda,
Just wanted to share my official results with you and my passing score: 203!! What an increase from the 175 from last year. I was very pleased to see that Preventative Peds was one of my highest scoring categories, right behind Oncology! Thank you again so much for your consistent work with me, your prayers, faith, and dedication to helping me pass! I thank God for bringing you into my life, not only for helping me pass, but helping me restore my faith, dedication, and hard work ethic that I didn’t realize I had. I pray you’re having a good week and thank you again!

Pediatrician in Georgia

There aren’t enough words to describe what a wonderful experience I had with Linda as my Internal Medicine board tutor. The study tips and strategies I learned from her are invaluable, and I will use them to this day in my everyday life. She made what seemed like a very daunting task to me manageable, and I felt like I had a knowledgeable and supportive guide throughout this entire process. If you want to succeed in studying for the boards and beyond, I highly recommend her services!

Internist in California

My experience with the coaching services provided by Dr. Linda Carr were nothing short of exemplary. As a Pediatrician preparing for my General Pediatric Certification Boards, Dr. Carr’s methods were not only effective but practical, convenient, and adaptable to a full time physician’s schedule. Dr. Carr’s approach to standardized exam preparation is to work smarter, not harder. I am very appreciative of Dr. Carr’s expertise and enthusiastically recommend her services!

Pediatrician in Texas

I have had the distinct pleasure and advantage of being coached by one of the best in the field – Linda Carr. She provided me with the opportunity to go beyond what I had dreamed possible. I was coached on a very personal level in preparation for my board re-certification. During this timeframe, she challenged me, and made me think of so much more than I thought I could initially. She challenged me to keep on task and to make and set real goals that could be accomplished. She kept me on track to the end, which was the final taking of the boards. The outcome is history, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Pediatric Pulmonologist in Arizona

During her time working for the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix campus, Linda was instrumental in helping to develop and carry out two very important programs. These included assessing and aiding struggling students and facilitating a robust city-wide faculty development seminar and workshop series. Both programs served the students and faculty extremely well in their learning and teaching roles.

Jacqueline A. Chadwick, M.D.
Former Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix

Linda Carr, Ph.D. is a talented highly accomplished educator who has successfully created innovative curriculum, course work and has produced highly acclaimed presentations and programs to foster and enhance academic medical faculty development. She has also guided physicians to successful board certification through private consultative programs and professional services.

Michael Grossman, M.D., MACP
Former Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education
University of Arizona Health Sciences Center, Phoenix, Arizona

Former Vice President of Academic Affairs, Maricopa Integrated Health System (now Valleywise Health)

Many students have been wisely and successfully guided as they made study plans to repeat failed shelf exams or NBME tests. Most importantly, the plans always came with a large dose of encouragement and emotional support. Who wouldn’t be more confident with her warm smile and gentle voice behind them? Linda is the ‘teaspoon of sugar’ that made ‘the medicine go down’.

J. Kipp Charlton, M.D.
Former Director, Student Counseling
University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix

Dr. Carr’s holistic approach helped me to do well on my exams.
In addition, I learned skills that have continued to help me succeed in my career.

Family Physician in Arizona

One of the things I most admire about Dr. Carr is that she is an extremely effective leader. She succeeds by fostering collaborations across disciplines and institutions. She motivates others to strive for excellence in medical education, just as she does. Her positive attitude, boundless energy and enthusiasm enable her to inspire others to develop their passions to tackle innovative and creative educational projects. She is a person of vision, and sets the course for the endeavors she facilitates.

Grace L. Caputo, M.D., M.P.H.
Former Director of Education, Phoenix Children’s Hospital
Former Director, Phoenix Children’s Hospital/Maricopa Medical Center (now Valleywise Health) Pediatric Residency Program

Thank you for everything! For structure, techniques, strategy, mind challenges,
mental training, positivity, anxiety training, etc. it really helped a lot!

Radiologist in Oregon

Studying for subspeciality boards, particularly when you are full time clinical and have a young family, can be a daunting task. There is added anxiety when you have been unsuccessful before. Working with Linda to study provided invaluable structure, accountability, and feedback about my progress. She laid out a study schedule for me, modified it based on my progress, and provided helpful insights about learning, studying, and anxiety management that I was completely unaware of. At this stage I thought I knew how to study, and while I had gotten by in the past, this was much more efficient, and I was able to retain much more. This time taking my exam I not only passed but was well above the median. Highly recommend!

Pediatric Neonatologist in Ohio

Linda was essential in helping me FINALLY pass my pediatric cardiology boards!! I worked with Linda for about 5 or 6 months before my test with our weekly or biweekly check-ins. Each time she provided support and essential test-taking and anxiety techniques. She helped organize me to study correctly and efficiently. Before the test, I felt very confident and calm (with the anxiety techniques I learned!). She checked in with me frequently (even if for a short time) in the weeks coming up to the test to make sure I was still feeling confident and prepared. I was prepared for the test day! I would highly recommend Linda to help prepare for any big exam!

Pediatric Cardiologist in Florida

I can’t thank Dr. Carr enough and recommend her to anyone who needs any amount of support. I had failed my pediatrics boards 6 times! I had gone to all amazing schools and training programs and had been practicing as a physician but this test was just an absolute struggle for me. I did everything — from online and in person week long classes to doing thousands of questions — but what I was missing was Dr. Carr. The year I got her assistance, not only did I pass but my score jumped up 20 points! She not only is amazing at getting you motivated, but truly works individually with you to figure out how to win the battle. She checks in between sessions and truly cares about you passing the hurdle of the exam but also your well being and mental health. Wish I had known about her sooner. If you’re even second guessing using her services — don’t! Make this investment for yourself and your future and you will have zero regrets!

Pediatrician in California

Linda has provided coaching for board preparation and/or faculty education at these medical schools and teaching hospitals.